Here But There

‘Here but there’ is the reflection of us as a society and the contradictions we live with. We travel far away, we visit new places and we meet people, perhaps with some hope to share and enjoy. And yet, some of our attention is taken with connecting or trying to connect with those that aren’t present, or at least with the idea of them.

Social media, texting, vlogging, selfies, news, it’s endless and it’s global.

This series is also an invitation to pose a question – how much of our free time actually belongs to ourselves and not to some hidden-passive-addiction we carry with us, vibrating, ringing, just waiting to be used in some way during the day?

How much power do we have and how much power does that need for “connection” have upon us?

  • Date 2016 – 2018
  • Photo Exhibition DeBalie, Amsterdam, October 4th till 31st 2018